My three years of self-discipline work and life

Starting in 2017, I started a day-by-day work-life with a calendar schedule. A lot of people actually don’t quite believe that using a calendar alone will get their day organized, and I think that statement is true, I have my own set of tools and the calendar is just one part of it.

Let’s look first at the results of my three years of calendar scheduling.

With the exception of holidays, almost every day is scheduled with a calendar, which gives me a sense of control over each day, the ability to live in the moment and be comfortable with myself, and a lot less anxiety because I just need to get the things that are currently scheduled right.

The result of this calendar arrangement is a set of methods and tools that I practice together. From 2017 to now, this approach of mine has gradually matured and I thought it was time to share it. Sharing is also a process of learning again to take stock and refine.

I’ll be posting regular articles later on that describe my methods and tools.

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