OmniOutliner’s Alfred Search Workflow

This article describes the Alfred Workflow that can be used to search in OmniOutliner, including the scenarios, the download address, and how to use it. This Workflow is suitable for the heavy users of OmniOutliner, especially those who use it to sort and organize a large amount of information. For example, many friends use OmniOutliner to organize work and study.

Why write OmniOutliner Search?

The reason is that there is no workflow that can be used, or a friend has already written it, but I really can’t find it, including packal1,github2 etc. sharing platform, There is really no way. Because I really like to use OmniOutliner, it is very flexible to use it to organize knowledge. After I used it for a while, I found that I have accumulated thousands of lines, and I have a big problem: it takes time to find a certain information.

I am more picky and can’t stand the waste of time. I need to be quick and convenient. So I taught myself AppleScript and Alfred Workflow and wrote this OmniOutliner Workflow for myself.

How to download and install?

Download link: Web:huhesper/OmniOutliner-Search

  • Installation:
    • Double click to download “OmniOutliner Search.alfredworkflow”
    • Alfred will open and choose to import and install.

  • Usage:
    • Start Alfred’s input window
    • Enter “oof” and enter the content

  • Use the mouse or keyboard to select what you want to view
    • Automatically switch to the OmniOutliner program and the selection is automatically located.

Other function description

  1. Ability to search the contents of all OmniOutliner documents that are open, note that only the subject column can be searched
  2. The search includes the text box of OmniOutliner and the corresponding note section.

  1. Web:Home | Packal
  2. Web:GitHub

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